My Mr Sporran Nation loves his mountain bike, but really, REALLY,  loves his mountain bike. Sometimes I catch him just standing gazing at it, a strange yearning look in his eyes. recycled inner tubes for sporraninnertubedetail4webI love my bike too but I’d only cycle up a muddy hill if there was something good at the top like chips or gin or maybe some fresh cheese scones just out of the oven. The whole mountain biking boyfriend thing isn’t brilliant but l’m looking at the upside…. lots of me-time and an endless supply of inner tubes to make things out of.
Thanks to Mr Sporran Nation and his bikey pals there’s more deflated rubber in my studio than at the aftermath of a gimp convention, so I thought I could try and sew it into something….first time I’ve ever had to use talcum powder as a sewing aid!


rubber, sporran, mountain bike